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Built for Decision-makers, by Logical Glue
The Logical Glue Business Insight Platform, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, combines fast, accurate decision-making with meaningful, trustworthy insights, giving businesses an enviable competitive edge. Only the Logical Glue Business Insight Platform presents the rationale behind the predictions, enabling decision-makers to harness the collective power of automated actionable insights with their industry acumen. Decision-makers can interpret the information to generate smarter, more confident, customer-focused outcomes today; they can analyse the information to make more strategic, relevant offerings for tomorrow. Underlying it all is mitigated business risk, stronger compliance and more effectively deployed resources.

For Credit Risk

It's the ongoing challenge – how to grow revenue and profits while still making fast, smart lending decisions. Logical Glue Business Insight Platform creates more opportunities for lenders to engage new and existing customers by providing broader and deeper insights into each specific customer,  generating the most relevant business decision along with nuanced, interpretable insights. Minimised risk. Optimised customer experience. Maximised business growth.

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For Insurers

As customers increasingly turn to digital solutions for all their needs, insurance must keep pace by providing fast, personalised services and offerings. To do this, they need the ability to both quickly access and understand the specific customer’s information and then deliver the most relevant offering. Logical Glue Business Insight Platform enables this by exploring and presenting customer-specific insights that allow decision-makers to quickly assess decisions and understand their rationale. Better decisions. More personalised offerings. Up to 40% more acceptance rates.

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