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Gain a Profit uplift of up to 20% with White Box Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Logical Glue is a white-box Machine Learning platform that is breaking new ground with its highly intuitive, self- service platform, complete with elegant cloud-based services, data visualisations and Artificial Intelligence tools. Our platform has proven success in increasing profits by up to 20% across current customers whilst simultaneously decreasing manual intervention for resource and cost optimisation.

The Leading Provider for White Box Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services

Artificial Intelligence and advanced Machine Learning within the Financial Sector and Insurance are set to revolutionise the way which businesses operate. Machine Learning has the ability to drastically reduce labour costs, generate new and unexpected insights, discover new patterns, and create predictive models from raw data. Logical Glue has created a unique Machine Learning platform for Lenders, Banks and Insurers which supports in profit maximisation. Our platform was designed to help lenders and insurers utilise their data with measurable ROI. This is achieved with Logical Glue’s cutting-edge, highly intuitive cloud-based platform, which is capital light with a rapid time to value.

Gaining Insight

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For Financial Services

With today’s low interest rates, growth depends on increasing revenue from creditworthy borrowers, but with traditional underwriting models, this comes with high risk for default and delinquency.

The Logical Glue platform is an end-to-end underwriting solution leveraging machine learning to enhance your business growth by providing highly transparent decisions on your potential customers. For current clients, the platform has increased the customer pass rate by up to 40% whilst lowering the default rate by up to 15%, whilst reducing manual intervention by up to 20x.

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Achieving Transparency

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For Insurers

The Logical Glue Platform allows predictive models to be developed for every stage of the insurance customer lifecycle.  From pricing models such as quote conversion and claims propensity, through to triaging claims more efficiently and uncovering fraudulent applications. Uniquely, our white box machine learning technology allows the predictions from these models to be understood through human interpretable rules, providing a better understanding of the key risk drivers from your data and the ability to communicate them more effectively to customers. Ultimately, Logical Glue provides insurers with a better understanding of their risk, as well as the transparency to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Use Cases for Financial Services and Insurance

Logical Glue’s models have allowed us to automate much of our credit decisioning, meaning we have increased pass rates and minimized defaults, and can focus the efforts of our underwriters on marginal decisions.

MD, SME Lender, UK

The Logical Glue platform is already accomplishing its objective to help us approve a higher number of customers and to speed up the decision making process

Consumer instalment loan provider, USA

We realised that the tools were lacking to target our demographic effectively and that we were in a development cycle that was over 6 months long. With Logical Glue’s platform, we were able to address these challenges and implement within 90 days.

Retail consumer finance provider, UK

The Logical Glue Platform in three minutes

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