Since 2012 our team of highly experienced machine learning experts has helped the insurance and lending industries harness the explosive power behind XAI and Data Science.

We eat, sleep and breathe machine learning and artificial intelligence, and are fearlessly passionate about advancing the limitless potential of XAI. Logical Glue proactively fosters innovation to help users accelerate businesses operations and embrace the future of technology solutions together.

Our XAI expertise and fervent future-proofing ambition combined has generated the business-critical assurance that insurers and lenders need through our evolutionary development marrying cloud-based machine learning, data science and lending acumen as an intuitive learning experience.

We delight in the benefits it brings daily to our customer base and feel inspired to create more advantages and enhancements.


XAI-powered for brighter business partnerships

Real business transformation is determined by a focused joint endeavour. We want to make a real difference to your business by working in close collaboration to simplify your relationship with technology and XAI, and successfully harness the benefits to drive business growth and customer value.

We focus on telling our clients the WHY behind each prediction, enabling our algorithms to comply with the needs and expectations of marketing, fraud and compliance executives, as well as the most stringent Artificial Intelligence auditing rules. Our predictions are contextually relevant, highly actionable and transparent.

We provide the right guidance at the right time, taking the heavy lifting out of understanding the nuances of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and freeing you up to focus on your business.


Rest assured, we certainly know our stuff. With decades of combined industry and technology experience under our belts, we have the know-how to easily get you started on your XAI journey. We work hand-in-hand with you to understand your KPIs and business goals so that our platform comes business-ready and works practically to deliver the results you require.


The results of our cost-effective solution are already proving profound. We recognised very early on that our award-winning platform tackles the challenge of supporting our customers to remain competitive whilst at the same time driving business growth.

We are committed to rapid speed to value, so you can start reaping the rewards of the platform fast. Logical Glue optimises all our resources to maximise all the precision-enhancing potential of advanced AI technology to deliver better business insights for better decision making.

We help you work smarter not harder so you can start to enjoy the benefits of rapid return on investment.