Fighting Insurance Fraud with Machine Learning

25 July, 2017

Posted by Andy Austin Welcome back to this blog series on how AI and Machine Learning can help insurers make faster and more accurate data-driven decisions with lower overheads. In the previous blog, we discussed the role of AI and Machine Learning platforms in quote conversion. Now, we will have a look at how these systems […]

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From Quote to Customer the Smart Way

20 July, 2017

Posted by Bianca Huttner Welcome to our blog series on the Insurance industry, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This series will discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by Insurance providers and how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning can make processes faster, more effective and more accurate than current predictive models, ultimately increasing profitability for Insurance […]

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What Will Predictive Analytics Look Like In 5 Years?

14 October, 2016

Posted by Richard Burdge When predictive data analytics originally emerged at the beginning of the millennium, only large companies, primarily in the telecoms and finance sector, were able to incorporate predictive analytics tools into their business processes. When predictive data analytics originally emerged at the beginning of the millennium, only large companies, primarily in the telecoms […]

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Logical Glue Ensemble in 7 Minutes

15 February, 2016

Posted by Jon Rimmer Last week Logical Glue presented at FinovateEurope 2016. The Finovate conferences showcase the latest developments in financial technology, attracting attendees ranging from the newest startups to established players in the market. They provide a great opportunity to meet and engage with others in the industry, but the core of the event is […]

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Algorithms Rule the World

22 December, 2015

Posted by Jon Rimmer The word “algorithm”, meaning a precise series of operations carried out to solve a problem, derives from the Latin translation of the name of the medieval Persian mathematician al-Khwārizmī. Many of us first encounter algorithms at school, where we are taught simple ones to solve mathematical problems such as long division or […]

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Learning the Ropes: Machine Learning

8 December, 2015

Posted by Jon Rimmer There is a growing recognition that Machine Learning has a significant role to play in a wide range of applications including data mining, natural language processing, traffic flow optimisation and predictive analytics. As with any technology trend, machine learning has become somewhat of a buzzword that gets thrown around and often gets […]

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