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Be part of the movement that is revolutionizing Machine Learning

A collaborative workplace where freedom and innovation are centre point

Our Values

The Freedom to Innovate

At Logical Glue, whether you’re in the development team, or the business development team, everyone has the freedom to innovate. We value creativity, going the extra mile, and having the courage to deliver exceptional work. We are not about the hierarchy, here, everyone is equal, and everyone’s voice is heard.

What we do

We are breaking new ground in developing a highly intuitive, self-service prescriptive analytics platform complete with elegant web services, data visualisations and analytics, underpinned by a highly scalable distributed architecture with our own unique, highly predictive machine learning algorithms. Making data science accessible for business users is no easy task. But that’s what makes working at Logical Glue so challenging and rewarding.

People first

We are warm and friendly, understanding and compassionate with each other, with clients and with vendors. We are straightforward in the way we communicate, but always kind. We spend a lot of time at work, and with each other – we may not always agree, and thrive on a lively debate, but at the end of the day, we are a team, and we act like one.

Straightforward in everything we do

Our straightforward and highly collaborative approach to the way we work ensures that we focus on what is important and get it done efficiently and effectively. We embrace reason, agility, and intense focus.

Our Candidate Timeline

We are passionate about our people, and take the time to get to know every candidate so they can make the most informed decision possible. We are proud that once people join us, they tend to stay. 

This timeline provides you with an overview of how we strive to accelerate a candidates journey through our process.

Careers timeline

How to contact us

Email us at hiring@logicalglue.com or Tweet us @logicalglue

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