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Your Business performance redefined

Logical Glue’s Platform provides a cloud-based Machine Learning solution which enables you to vastly increase your bottom line.

The Logical Glue Platforms were designed with the business user in mind, providing a highly intuitive and fast time-to-value workflow with unparalleled transparency of insight and quality in decisions. The platform aligns to your KPIs including Customer Satisfaction, Cost Reduction and Risk Mitigation. To date, the Logical Glue Platforms, for both Insurance and Lending, have driven significant profit uplifts ranging from 5-20%.

Revenue Diagram


typical profit uplift with Logical Glue platform


less manual interventions in underwriting costs


reduction in default rates

Achieving Revenue growth with Logical Glue

For Lenders

Safely increase your approval rates for revenue growth

With today’s low interest rates, growth depends on increasing revenue from creditworthy borrowers, but with traditional underwriting models, this comes with high risk for default and delinquency.

The Logical Glue platform is an end-to-end underwriting solution leveraging machine learning to enhance your business growth by providing a highly transparent decisions on your potential customers. For Lending, this equates in increasing your creditworthy borrowers by up to 40% whilst simultaneously decreasing defaults.

For Insurers

Augmented decisions for every stage of the customer lifecycle

The platform provides predictive decisions at every stage of the customer lifecycle. From being able to offer a competitive price at quote level, through to propensity to claim as well as claims severity assessments.  The platform can also accelerate the triage process rapidly. Relying on user expert rules, underwriting rules typically take a lot of time and effort to develop – with Logical Glue you can augment the decision – increase profits by between 20-40% and automate the full process.

Harness the benefit of Machine Learning for a competitive advantage

For Lenders

Approve borrowers that other Lenders are missing

The Logical Glue platform ensures that you are able to make accurate and transparent credit decisions on thin-file and no-credit-history borrowers, ultimately giving you a competitive advantage and enabling the approval of new borrowers that would otherwise be rejected.

For Insurers

Higher Customer Satisfaction for an increased lifetime value

With an increased speed of service and higher acceptance rates, customer satisfaction will increase allowing cross-sell for other products as well as repeat purchase.

Capital Light

We price our platforms based on straightforward subscription fees relating to usage that usually come from an opex versus capital expenditure budget, so does not require large capital outlays.   At the same time, since the Logical Glue platform enables improved business performance, a measurable return on investment is possible.  In contrast to legacy platforms, separate outlay for model building, analysis and deployment is not required.

Time to Value

Based in the Cloud with little integration necessary, the platform will make an immediate impact to your bottom line. In just a few days, you could be harnessing the benefits of this fully transparent white box solution.

Let's get started

Step 1: Understand

To make sure we are both aligned, we’ll discuss your goals and learn about your business through a Value Engineering assessment.

Step 2: Plan

Depending on your goals and budget, we’ll build a customised roadmap together for your Logical Glue journey – from entry point to deployment.

Step 3: Transform

Take the first step to modernisation and migrate to your SaaS platform. Our technology experts will get you started on the path to worry free, cost effective, scalable technology in the cloud.

Step 4: Achieve

In addition to the long-term benefits of the Logical Glue Solution, we are committed to rapid Speed to Value so you can start reaping the rewards of the platform fast, instead of waiting months for ROI.

Step 5: Partnership

Ongoing education and comprehensive support from Logical Glue ensures you have a partner in technology for the long haul. We’re here to simplify your relationship with the platform and lead your business to long-term success.

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