Logical Glue Ensemble in 7 Minutes

15 February, 2016

Posted by Jon Rimmer

Last week Logical Glue presented at FinovateEurope 2016. The Finovate conferences showcase the latest developments in financial technology, attracting attendees ranging from the newest startups to established players in the market.

They provide a great opportunity to meet and engage with others in the industry, but the core of the event is the product demonstrations. Each company that presents gets seven minutes on stage to explain what they do to an audience of their fellow attendees. The hook is that it’s live demos only: No slides, screenshots or marketing videos are allowed. It’s just you and your product.

So it was that last Tuesday, me and Bob De Caux, Logical Glue’s principal data scientist, found ourselves waiting backstage at FinovateEurope, trying to calm our nerves before going out to speak in front of an audience of well over a thousand people. The whole process was slickly managed, with a tight schedule and a sophisticated audio/visual setup to record high-quality videos of each demo. The organisers clearly had a great deal of experience running similar events, but it was up to us to take full advantage of the opportunity.

For our part, Bob and I had worked hard rehearsing and revising our pitch. Seven minutes is not a long time in which to run-through an entire software platform, so we focused on our core messages: How Logical Glue Ensemble provides an end-to-end process for building and deploying predictive models, how it makes machine learning accessible to non data-scientists, and how it provides measurable business value through tools such as feature selection and the bucketing widget.

Of course, all the rehearsals in the world can’t prepare you for the moment you step out on stage in front of a large audience, but, fortunately, the demo went off without a hitch. The video has now been uploaded onto the Finovate website, and you can see for yourselves how we did:

After presenting, we spent the day speaking with other attendees who had seen our demo and whose curiosity had been piqued. It was great to see their interest and enthusiasm about both our product, and machine learning in general. It is clear that machine learning has entered the mainstream of the financial sector; no longer is it seen as an ancillary or experimental concern, but as a critical part of any competitive risk analysis or pricing strategy. This is a trend that will only increase, and at Logical Glue we’re concentrating on making sure that cutting-edge machine learning techniques are available to everyone through our Logical Glue Ensemble platform.