Logical Glue XAI for Lenders

Logical Glue’s XAI allows you to grow revenue and profits while still making fast, smart lending decisions, by using your data to solve prediction problems. ‘Will this customer repay this loan?’ ‘Will they buy my product?’ ‘Is this transaction fraudulent?’ XAI from Logical Glue allows you to build and understand predictive models without needing to be a data scientist or a coder.

Logical Glue has worked with consumer, SME and specialist lenders to help them realise value from their data.



Logical Glue can provide fast, accurate credit scoring. Customers using Logical Glue have seen pass rates increase by 40%.

  • Build highly accurate predictive models within weeks
  • Understand which features in your data are predictive
  • Simple deployment and integration
  • Transparent and easy-to-understand decisions
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Understand both which applicants to reject but also at what price applicants should be accepted.

Decrease the default rate by 15%.

  • Translate credit risk models easily to pricing models
  • On-board more customers at different ranges of risk
  • Stress test models to understand the greatest risk ranges
  • Offer more competitive pricing than the competition
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Combat fraudulent applications quickly and with confidence, reducing the frequency of false alarms and increasing detection.

  • Use machine learning to create ‘data detectives’
  • Spot patterns that are not obvious to humans or traditional models
  • Ensure trustworthy customers are processed quickly and efficiently
  • Highlight the reasons & drivers behind fraudulent activity
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Logical Glue’s team of highly experienced machine learning experts can help you to harness the explosive power behind XAI and Data Science: our cost-effective solution provides business-critical assurance through our expert marrying of cloud-based machine learning, data science and lending acumen as an intuitive learning experience.

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