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Our platform allows you to build predictive models for any use case. Using the 5-stage pipeline, you can move from the raw data you import to the deployed models smoothly. You can find out which elements of your data give you predictive capability, tailor the output of the models to suit your business needs and you get robust insight into each prediction that is made.


The Logical Glue platform allows you to be build classification or regression models using Type-2 Fuzzy Logic.  In order to create these models, a vast set of IF…THEN type rules is automatically created from your data (such as IF TimeOnSite = high AND LinksClicked = high THEN ProductPurchase = TRUE).  All of those possible rules are then honed down using machine learning to find those that are most predictive of the use case and that work best together.  A final set of rules, ordered and weighted by their predictive power, constitutes the model.

To make a prediction for a particular instance (for example a loan application), individual rules are “fired” according to the various input characteristics and contribute a certain weight to the overall score.  This means that all predictions are completely transparent and easy to understand by a non-technical user.

Not only are these Type-2 Fuzzy Logic models powerful in their own right, outperforming traditional statistical techniques such as logistic regression, but they can be combined with other machine learning techniques within the platform (such as neural networks) to maximise both model accuracy and interpretability.


Our pipeline follows the good practice that a data scientist would use when building a predictive model:

  1. Import the Datasets. Data is automatically encoded by the platform so that it is ready to use; this is a time consuming and cumbersome job if done manually.
  2. Build the models. Our automated feature selection tool is a great way to determine which data is predictive, allowing you to remove features have no predictive value. Once you have chosen your data features the platform contains a number of best-of-breed techniques for predictive modelling, including our unique XAI approach.
  3. Present the models. Using the tools in the presenter section allows you to tailor any model output to your needs, creating segmentations of risk and understanding the value the model can bring to your business.
  4. Deploy the models.  Instantly create an API to the model in the cloud, meaning that it can immediately be incorporated into your decision-making processes.
  5. Understand the predictions. View the output of individual predictions as weighted combinations of human-interpretable rules, providing a business-friendly understanding of why a decision has been made.


The “black box” and how Logical Glue is able to meet customer’s needs as we move into this new world.


These FAQs cover questions commonly asked about Logical Glue, data and models.

Do I need to be a data scientist to use Logical Glue?

No! While experienced data scientists are able to utilise a set of advanced options related to encoding, model building, etc. the platform is designed to be used straight out of the box and can build accurate models without having to change any options or understand machine learning techniques.

What do I need in order to build a model?

Data – containing information about the things you are trying to predict, as well the outcome class that each of your data points belong to, e.g. creditworthy or uncreditworthy.

Why is Logical Glue different?

As well as ease of use and speed of deployment, Logical Glue’s main differentiator is its patented XAI approach, allowing you to see the why behind predictive decisions.

How do I use my model?

The Logical Glue platform allows you to present models in a business-friendly manner, so you can assess how predictive a model is and identify particularly risky or safe segments, including the reasoning behind those predictions. Any models built within the platform can then be deployed to the cloud, meaning that they can be called in real-time via an API.

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